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Stemming from current work in the Environmental Humanities, EnviroHum asks artists, academics and activists to work together in the creation of an experimental and environmental eZine. Published in annual volumes, and (in)frequent blogs, EnviroHum gives voice to conversations of crisis and creation in relation to all forms of environmental culture. Looking at our relationships to space and place, any form of creative or critical work is welcome here. From longform essays and book reviews, to photography and short fiction, we welcome contributors from all walks of life, hoping to connect artists, academics and activists who are all, in their own ways, continuously murmuring about the world around us.

Our current volumes can be found below, and for more recent posts check out our blog!

Vol. 1 : ‘Féðe: the power to go on foot’ 

Our first volume, features contributions from poets, film-makers, researchers and story-tellers. Showcasing contributions from a variety of angles, this wee book asks some poignant questions about the threads and treads between walking, gender, power, ownership and protest: What does it mean to experience the city by foot? Is walking a mindful practice? How does walking affect our sense of self and security? How can our steps shape the world around us?

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